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Building owners and SPF contractors have long relied on CFS for products that protect roofs, walls and other architectural elements, improving performance and sustainability. Whether your focus is on renovation, restoration or new construction, you will benefit from our extensive experience in energy conservation; detailed knowledge of roof coatings, coated SPF systems and spray polyurethane foam insulation; and our dedication to customer service. ACE Roof Coatings, division of Ace Painting Co Inc, is an approved contractor for CFS Products.

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Roof-Tek  Energy Star  CRRC CRRC  NSF

quality roof coatingRestoration - The SSP System from
Roof-Tek® (Silicone Single-Ply) will extend the life of your roof. If the coating you apply is not on the roof membrane in a few years, you will not have accomplished your goal. Roof-Tek has engineered a system that has addressed two critical elements in coating existing single-plies; first is longevity and second is adhesion. Roof-Tek has the answer with a silicone topcoat material. Silicones have been extensively used in construction for decades and have proven to weather better than organic-based coatings. Silicone has superior resistance to UV so it will last.

Sustainable – Coating application is a sound choice.
Think green. A major re-roof including a tear-off generates massive amounts of waste and often much of that material is non-recyclable. Coating is renewable. When weathering does wear-down the thickness, new coating can be applied over it. This may be 10, 15 or even 20 years from now. Reflective coatings reduce energy consumption and lower surface temperatures. Silicone coating is high-solids, compact, efficient to transport and VOC compliant.
Savings - Removal of the roof, while incurring tremendous cost to the project, can also risk the building’s interior contents to exposure and potentially costly damage. The application of the SSP System can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of roof removal and replacement, by reducing material and labor costs

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